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atmosana99 [userpic]
More Pinocchwick goodness~
by atmosana99 (atmosana99)
at May 8th, 2011 (01:28 pm)

Just as the title says! (:

Made a new vid for these two; makes a bit more sense than my last one heh:

aand also, have some fanart:

older!Pinocch and Lampy as inspiration to a friend for a future!fic she's writing for me c8

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y165/Pokemongirl99/pinoccwick_lolbutt.png lol continuation of that last pic; c'mon, you know where Lampy was lookin 8P

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y165/Pokemongirl99/pinocchwick_ouch.png ...haha and then Lampwick complained for 15 mins before Pinocchio could convince him to continue. (Gah shading so sloppily done lol)

that's it for now! more to comee mayhaps~