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disneychannel10's Journal

For Disney and Pixar Femslash and Slash
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Welcome to disneychannel10, a community dedicated to femslash and slash pairings with characters from Disney and Pixar.

General Disclaimer: Anything posted to this community is strictly fiction. No one here owns the characters or the series. They belong to Disney, Pixar, or their related companies.


1.) This is a community for slash/femslash pairings only. This means every fanfic, art, or video posted should contain at least implied boy/boy or girl/girl content.

2.) Use LJ cuts for all submissions.

3.) You must warn for content. Dark, sexual themes, and incest are fine as long as appropriately warned for.

4.) Characters must be from either a Disney television show, animated movie, live-action move, CGI movie, The Muppets, or from Pixar. Cross-overs are allowed as long as they are Disney or Pixar characters.

5). The community is no longer accepting stories about real-life people unless they have a movie or television show based on them.

6). All entries are now members only.

7). The moderator will tag posts.

8). Please send the moderator a message for approval before posting a link to another community.

Friending Meme: http://community.livejournal.com/disneychannel10/9919.html

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Warnings: (if any)